I have just commenced a residency with Brighton Digital Festival


#EjectProject took place at Market Gallery's corner shop space in August 17' asking questions of how technology impacts us, and how to make a place to discuss this...

Navigating Technologies

Histories of navigation and innovation provide a cannon through which we traverse the new environments we inhabit today


Blurring the boundaries between our real and virtual spaces

Expanded Home Cinema

Expanded Home Cinema was live streamed online at this page throughout the Glasgow Open House Art Festival.


Observing the Impact: Sublime Perspectives   Single Screen Video


Digital waves of information merge


Interactive Projection Installation, Infinite loop, Dimensions variable


My work our technical immersion, influenced by Vilém Flusser’s notion of the black box, exploring the materiality of Information today I have developed a process of editing intangible digital files physically, no editing software has ...


A digital sculpture, an early Lumière brothers projection is made tangible and the invisible made visible.

Popular Highlights

Seeking to address the changing nature of reading due to the mediation of screens and digital technology. Developed through hosting a participatory workshop at Generator Projects Dundee

New White On White

Projection on Oil on canvas, 80 x 80 cm

Digital Shadow Installation Stills

Installation shots: we cannot escape our digital shadow… Video Documentation

Black Square

Appropriating Malevich ‘Black square’